Different Marketing channel can use our database for their purpose. We take extra effort to perform uniqueness and manage our database, so that it is reliable and useful to the clients.

Every field in our business database contains a range of info including not just a telephone number and email address where applicable, but various other data fields too. This allows you to cut short down your criteria to make sure you uphold your marketing campaign at the right audience.

Having access to a b2b database which is comprehensive and kept up to date could be one of the most powerful tools in your marketing armory, allowing you to ensure that every penny you spend has the potential to bring in a return.

The success of any marketing campaign is dependent on the quality of the data provided in the first place.

The world of data changes so quickly:
• Every 6 minutes a business moves location
• Every 4 minutes another business fails
• Over 5.7 MILLION business & employee details change each year
• Over 35% of named business information is incorrect within a year

Delivering High Response Rate

Accurate prospecting is the key to success of direct marketing efforts, though getting access to current data of prospects is always a challenge.
Our database building services team works as an extension of your research and marketing team and helps you acquire prospects, convert and retain as clients over the long run.
We work for leading publishers, event / conferences producers and small business based in South East Asia, Europe, Middle East & North America.


We drive global sales for businesses...

  • Events and Conferences
  • Publishing and Business Information
  • IT Service Providers
  • [SaaS] Software as a service
  • Training Companies
  • Executive Search Firms
  • Market Research Companies and many more

Customized B2B List Building

A reliable, accurate and quality database is the key to any successful direct marketing campaign. Our List Building service team is dedicated to helping marketing managers and audience development managers to meet and exceed their response rate.

Our research process coupled with e-mail deliverability testing using email verification software ensures a high response rate and marketing returns on investment.

Currently we are assisting publishers and event / conferences producers by creating customised and focused , audience specific, title specific, industry specific, geography specific B2B marketing list. thus helping clients to ensure highly focused marketing campaign.

Target Prospect Information for Enhanced Conversions

Marketing and Audience development Manager  often target prospective customers to covert.Without correct contact information marketing managers efforts are wasted and results to bad conversion ratio. It will also effect cost spend on marketing.

B2B Database Enhancement – Advantage :

Email Append and Database Enhancement services are a convenient and cost effective way to enrich contact information, thereby making the marketing databases more comprehensive and complete.

Opt-in email lists are built by subscriber preference which helps you to easily engage a targeted audience.

We can append your existing marketing databases with data fields like postal address, email address, phone numbers, fax numbers, website address, job titles, industry tagging, to ensure that the database is comprehensive, and you are able to reap maximum revenue from the marketing campaign.

Enhancement of B2B Databases


Data Maintenance Services

Ensuring Completeness and Accuracy of Data

Data Maintenance Service – Advantage :

We Reconcile, Rework & Maintain to ensure accurate dataset at all times and reduced sales cycle and efforts.

Reconcile :

We use its tools to check for bounced records and duplicates for the data set provided by the Client. One time complete database verification at a nominal fee and incomplete records are also identified for further rework.

Rework :

We undertake a fresh web research process to correct bounced and invalid email records to enhance the database.
New contacts can be researched and added

Maintain :

Annual maintenance contract with monthly updates of bounced/inaccurate contacts. We can align with the Client’s event/campaign calendar to ensure data refresh at appropriate times in a year.

Benefits of Data Maintenance Service

  • —Data accuracy improves to almost 95% -leading to high level of sales team satisfaction and lead generation.
  • Reduced load by removing old and duplicate contacts.
  • —Improved identification of individuals lead to much higher conversion rate and accelerates revenue generation.
  • The client now has a state of art database of key prospects on a continuous basis.