Additional information never hurt anybody. Fill the blanks in your data and get any missing information in your data structure.

Imagine you only have an email from an important CEO of a prospective company. You mailed him but it was previously observed that he usually reverts on call. You do not have the number. This will harm your company.

Data append services would fill in the blanks and add any relevant information you would need to have a complete and relevant data structure.

Our process includes

  • Check your database to know what information is missing.
  • Finding the correct and updated missing information of all the prospects in your list.
  • Testing if the data is relevant to the data, you already have.
  • Filling in the blanks of data and improving the data structure.
  • De-Duplications of the entire data list, to make sure you have unique data list.

Data append services help you in not leaving any loose ends for reaching your prospects. You can have every information about their communication channel with Impulse B2B solutions.

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